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We are SO EXCITED to announce our first Moshi Moshi BOOT CAMP happening Mar 26-Mar 30!! The Chapel Hill salon will shut down for a week while Catlin and Joi do intensive apprentice training for cuts.

This means that we need MODELS, MODELS, MODELS. All hair cuts are $25 (prepaid). Check out which day fits you and then give us a call to schedule!


CONGRATS, GLO(RIA) #Senior apprentice

Glo has been zooming through our internal training program with flying colors and is now a SENIOR APPRENTICE! We love her 2 the moon and back and couldn't think of a better person for our newer apprentices to look up to <3

Follow Glo's journey through our social media on Instagram & Facebook. 

HAPPY 2018!

We look forward to killin' it in 2018! How about you?