forward thinking . inclusive . open . happy . invested . grounded . friendly . mentoring . team based . compassionate . honest . fun . evolving . transparent . established.

"Oscillations" by Maud Vantours via

"Oscillations" by Maud Vantours via


Moshi Moshi is forward-thinking, inclusive, open, happy, invested, grounded, friendly, compassionate, honest, fun, evolving, transparent, and established since 2002. 

We are a team-based, non-commission salon. This means that we give you choice without guilt and you are cared for by an entire group of Moshettes when you're with us. Our ultimate goal is to give you honest feedback and advice. We want to work with your natural hair texture, not against it. 


We are proud to serve a diverse community and aim to make our space welcoming to all hair textures, ages, nationalities, and genders as well as our Queer and Trans community. 

Mentoring young stylists is a huge part of Moshi Moshi and we have an apprenticeship program that you are a part of when you come here.

Moshi Moshi is committed to raising the standards for the hair industry by providing all of our employees a living wage minimum (certified in both Orange and Durham Counties) as well as paid vacation time, monthly bonuses, health care allowances and paid education.

Our mission is to be more than a salon in that we are committed to our community by supporting local causes aligned with our values of transparency, honesty, and inclusivity. These causes range from The Compass Center, IPAS, and Club Nova to very personal causes like helping those individuals in need in our area and beyond.


We hope to see you.

you belong here